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Coaching Information


SYHA continues to seek the best coaches in the growth & development of our players.

If you are interested in coaching either at the Travel Level or Mite Level

please complete the following application prior to tryouts.
(an application & the below steps are required every season)

Steps 1-9 must be completed. Thank you for your dedication to the growth of Shakopee Youth Hockey. 

A mandatory Coaches meeting will be announced soon, for the start of the season.

Guidelines for 2024-25

MN Hockey requires that all coaches must complete their online age-specific module prior to participating with their team

Pre-Season Coaches Clinic:

SYHA requires that all coaching applicants for both Travel and Mite/6U/8U which can be made up of non-parent and parent coaches, attend (1) one day, mandatory, coaching clinic (approx. 3 hrs.) SYHA is invested in the development of our coaches and players to continue to build skill and continuity in the program. Leaders from USA/MN Hockey, Training Haus and others will be on hand to educate during these clinics.

USA Hockey Coaching clinics will be posted after September 1, 2024.  

You can search for Coaching Clinics at this link: HERE. 


NOTE: These instructions are for the coaching application only and are different than the registration process for enrolling your son or daughter to play in SYHA. All 9 steps must be completed.


Go to the USA Hockey website and register as a coach.  Be sure to PRINT and SAVE your confirmation code. You will need the confirmation number for Steps 2 and 4 below.   

The registration for USA Hockey requires a $47.00 fee. Your USA hockey registration fee will be reimbursed provided you are rostered on a team. 


Click on the following link to go to the  SYHA Coaching Application form and proceed.  During this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1. You will need to complete Steps 1 and 2 before the 2023-24 season to be considered for coaching. Note: Registering does not guarantee a coaching position.  Coaches are determined following try-outs, after official teams have been formed.


This must be completed before taking the ice.

Background screening is required for all Minnesota Hockey coaches and is valid for two (2) years.  A background screening must be completed and approved before you can take the ice or be rostered on a team.

Information and the application for a background screening can be found on the USA Hockey website.

The fee for USA Hockey background screenings is $30 .


All coaches must complete SafeSport training each season prior to taking the ice with a team.

SafeSport training is a free online training. The initial certification and subsequent refresher certification are valid for one (1) year. It is required that all coaches complete either the initial certification or refresher course each season. Coaches cannot be rostered on a team until SafeSport certification is complete. Certification should be completed before participating with the team. 

Start your SafeSport training through the USA Hockey website.  You will need your USA Hockey confirmation number from Step 1 to register.   Please send completed Safesport certificate and USA hockey number to


USA Hockey requires all coaches to have the required age-specific modules completed to be rostered on a team.  Age modules must be completed before taking the ice with your team.

Age-specific modules are online trainings specific to the level of play one is planning to coach. Age-specific module training does not expire. Coaches must complete the new age-specific modules if they are coaching a team level they have not previously coached. Age-specific modules are separate from the CEP certification levels. 

Coaches may complete more than one age-specific module in any given season. The online modules must be completed before participating with the team and must be completed to be rostered on a team.


This must be completed before taking the ice.

Minnesota Hockey requires all coaches to complete concussion training prior to being rostered on a team.  The required concussion training form and training information can be found on the Minnesota Hockey website.  More info and a free CDC concussion training can be found here:


Coaches can send the completed form and the certificate of completion to the SYHA Coaches Coordinator at  Both the form and the certificate of completion documents must be received before a coach can be rostered.  Concussion training is good for two (2) years.  


Everything above this point MUST be completed prior to getting on the ice with your team. NO exceptions!


Certification Level Information NEW CHANGES THIS SEASON...
All coaches must enter USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program at Level 1 and must continue their education with a coaching clinic each year until, at a minimum, they achieve Level 4.

A coach may attend only one (1) CEP certification clinic per year. Coaches who do not coach in continuous years will re-enter the program at the next level, regardless of when they resume coaching responsibilities. There is no correlation between CEP levels and team level (Mite, 10U, Bantam, etc.). CEP levels are more closely related to the number of years one has been coaching.

NEW Level 3 is good for one season; there are no longer online refresher courses for Level 3.

NEWLevel 4 is no longer a 2-day course; it is now the same length as levels 1, 2 and 3. Level 4 certification will be good for three seasons and can be renewed by completing 5 credit hours of continuing education.

NEW - Effective in the 2021-22 season, coaching certification at Levels 4 and 5 is valid for three (3) seasons*, as indicated by the expiration date. Before the expiration of their level, coaches must take 5 credit hours of continuing education to renew their certification.

Level 4 training is no longer an extended time commitment to complete; it is the same length as levels 1, 2 and 3.

The USA Hockey clinic listings will indicate all continuing education offerings and the credit value of each. The Coaching Education Program retains the responsibility for defining continuing education credit values, including clinic or online course work.

NEW Grandfather Clause - *For coaches who received Level 4 or Level 5 PRIOR TO January 1, 2021, your certification is still valid indefinitely (the 3-year change does not apply). Coaches with CEP 4 or 5 who coach Tier I and Tier II teams will be required to do continuing education every three years moving forward. 

Mite/6U/8U: Coaches of  Mite/8U or younger teams may remain at Level 1 or their current level. Coaches for Mite/8U or younger teams can coach with an expired CEP Level Certification.

CEP Course Look Up

Once registered for a CEP class please email the link below with date of the class you are attending.

Send completed coaching certificates to

CEP Level Courses are offered throughout the state. Courses, especially for the early levels, tend to fill quickly, so coaches are encouraged to register for and complete their course level as soon as possible. 

If you are not sure what level you have or what your CEP number is, you can use the USA Hockey Online Coach Lookup to find your information. If you need more information on what you need to do this year, instructions are available on the USA Hockey CEP page

All USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) Certification opportunities are posted on the USA Hockey website

STEP 8 Coaching Agreement & Code of Conduct

  1. Read, Print, Sign & Email one of the below agreements:
    • SYHA Coaching Agreement (for non-parent coaches)
    • SYHA Coaching Agreement
  2. Read, Print, Sign & Email SYHA Coaches Code of Conduct

Send the 2 signed forms to Coaching Coordinator:

Step 9: W-9 Form


Submit a completed W-9 Form (found here) to 

Policies | Guidelines | Rules


Jon Rademaker

Boys Coordinator

Phone: 6512468913

Dereck Grosskurth

Girls Coordinator

Phone: 952-200-0537