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Hockey Day Minnesota 2025

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We are still early in the planning process, and we know everyone has questions. If we didn't answer your question in the FAQ below, you can submit your question to us. We may or may not have the answer yet!

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Hockey Day Minnesota is Coming To Shakopee in 2025!


On behalf of Bally Sports and the Minnesota Wild, we are honored to announce that Hockey Day Minnesota will officially be making its way to Shakopee in 2025. This exciting announcement took place during this year's Hockey Day Minnesota event in White Bear Lake. 


The support from not only the hockey community but the community as a whole has been extremely promising. Our goal is to create an event that embodies the spirit of this wonderful community as a whole and shows off Shakopee's rich history and vibrant culture. The next step in this lengthy process is to educate our community about what's next and gain support in the form of volunteers, sponsorships, or ideas for the event. It's going to take a village to tackle an event of this magnitude!


To start, The HDM Board Members assembled a list of frequently asked questions. Although there are still a lot of unknowns in this event we want to make sure we are keeping everyone engaged and informed so we can tackle this event together as a community. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions or concerns please feel free to fill out the additional google forms linked above. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Hockey Day Minnesota?

Hockey Day Minnesota is an event put on each year to celebrate the game that made Minnesota “The State of Hockey”. It was originated in 2007 by the Minnesota Wild alongside partners like Bally Sports, Minnesota Hockey, and the proud local communities that serve as the host each year. 

  1. Why is this event important to our community?

Although this event revolves primarily around the game of hockey it's a great opportunity for our entire community. This event will show off the unique and diverse culture of Shakopee by involving various groups from across the city. We want to emphasize the importance of support from the entire community as it will help support local businesses and put Shakopee in the spotlight. 

  1. Why was this announcement made now?

Hosting Hockey Day Minnesota takes an incredible amount of planning and time. With the support of the Minnesota Wild and Bally Sports North, we were able to announce early so that we could plan openly and start to establish relationships with key vendors and suppliers, secure sponsorships, create needed infrastructure and get the community involved and excited! We are grateful to the Minnesota Wild and Bally Sports North to see the benefits of early announcements. We are looking to take advantage of this opportunity immediately to ensure nothing is left out.

  1. What is the HDM Board and who is involved?

  • The HDM Board is the local planning team who are responsible for cultivating a Hockey Day Minnesota experience that is unique to the host community while highlighting the sport of hockey in a way that honors traditions and showcases how hockey can impact lives locally, statewide, and beyond. There are some base requirements that must be met, and the Board works very closely with the Minnesota Wild and Bally Sports North to ensure we remain in alignment as planning gets underway. The Board will be in constant contact with public officials and the entire community to make sure this event runs smoothly.

  • Members of the Shakopee HDM Board include:

    • Chair; Matthew Underwood
    • Vice-Chair/Events Committee Chair; Stacey Langemo
    • Treasurer/Finance Chair; Nels Haug
    • Secretary/PR/Coms Chair; Erik Radtke
    • Fundraising Co-Chair; Rob Gunnare
    • Fundraising/Co-Chair; Eric Malmberg
    • Hospitality Committee; Matt Hanson (Athletic Director)
    • Hospitality Committee; Calvin Simon (Boys Head Coach)
    • Revenue Committee Chair; Jaime Grossman (Girls Head Coach)
    • Venue Committee Chair; Josh Flom
    • Member; Jenny Lorenz
    • Member; Tim Zunker
    • Member; Michelle Brislin
  1. Where will the site be located for Hockey Day Minnesota 2025?

Valleyfair! An iconic Shakopee destination, will be our hosts for Hockey Day Minnesota 2025.

Open in 1976, Valleyfair is home to over 75 rides and attractions including eight roller coasters and their Soak City water park. Valleyfair is the Twin Cities’ amusement park where families and people of all ages can go play during the summer months.

Shakopee’s festivities will be part of a day-long television event broadcast on Bally Sports North, designed as a celebration of the game from peewees to pros. Proceeds from the 19th annual statewide hockey celebration will be used to grow the game of hockey in the Shakopee community.

Additional details, including the dates, matchups and the official schedule for Hockey Day Minnesota 2025 will be announced at a later date.

  1. Who decides the matchups for Hockey Day Minnesota?

Game matchups are determined by the Minnesota Wild, Bally Sports North, and Minnesota Hockey. The HDM Board can provide input and make recommendations. The official invitations to hockey teams will be made by the Minnesota Wild and are announced to the public approximately six months prior to the event.

  1. Where can I get Hockey Day Minnesota merchandise?

Currently, we are working alongside the Minnesota Wild to create a unique logo for Hockey Day Minnesota Shakopee 2025 as soon as possible. Once that logo become available we can offer merchandise for sale. Note that we cannot use the trademarked HDM logo created by the Minnesota Wild which is why merchandise will not be on sale right away. We will keep you posted with updates.

  1. What is it going to take to pull this event off?

Due to the sheer magnitude and size of this event, it's going to take an entire community working together to make it happen. The Board is actively trying to seek support from a large number of sponsors and volunteers from the surrounding areas to help with the efforts. We truly need all the help we can get from all of you!

  1. How can I get involved?

We welcome anyone who wants to get involved in this amazing event. If you would like to get involved please feel free to fill out the forms linked above or contact any one of our fantastic Board Members.

  1. Where can I get more information?

  • For the short term, feel free to fill out the FRQ form above or reach out to any one of our Board Members. We will release more information periodically on the website or any other social media accounts as it becomes available to us. 

  • The Minnesota Wild has established a dedicated website for all Hockey Day-related events at where all official information will be posted and housed. Currently,  it is focused on HDM2024, supporting Warroad. We will let you know when information about HDM2025 in Shakopee goes live.


Thank you for your interest and support!

We will provide updates as more information becomes available.