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Association News

    Bad Weather Policy

    The District Director, or in his absence the District 6 President or League Operations, shall have the right to cancel games due to inclement weather.  The announcement will be placed on the District 6 website by 5:00pm on the day involved.  If an announcement is not on the website your game is on.  District 6 does not control games played in other Districts.

    The District Director will decide to either reschedule the games or remove the games from the league schedule due to the lateness of the season.  The teams will not be consulted on the dates of the rescheduling.  If the District Director cancels the games no rescheduling fee will apply.  However the District and thus its members will have to pay for any unused ice.

    Association News

    Weather Policy

    Cold Weather Policy for Outdoor Practices and Games: If the windchill temperature is zero or below at 3:00 pm for an evening ice time or 9:00am for a day ice time then there will be no outdoor practice/game.