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2023-24 Tryout Results

Tryout Results will be posted to each level's page upon completion of tryouts.

Information & Guidelines to Tryouts

  • Pre-skates are 100% Optional as we want kids to stay committed to their fall sports.
  • Please pay close attention to any alphabet splits so your player attends the appropriate session. 
  • Goalies should attend both skater and goalie sessions.
  • DIBS Volunteer Check & any outstanding balances owed must be turned in prior to your player taking the ice. 

Traveling Team Tryouts

** Goalies should attend both Skater and Goalie Tryouts

  • Tryouts are Closed!  Parents are not allowed to watch
  • Tryout groups will be announced daily after tryouts have been completed.  Please check on the website.
  • Groups will be posted by pinnie number.  Players need to remember to bring their pinnie every day  
  • Neck guards and mouth guards w/strap are required.  Any player missing a neck guard or mouth guard will be asked to leave the ice. This is a District 6 requirement and they will not be allowed to tryout without them 
  • Please plan to have your child arrive no more than 45 minutes before their tryout time. They will be required to stay in the locker room so as not to be a distraction to the group on the ice in front of them. They are all capable of finding “creative” ways to pass the time, so we would prefer to limit the down time as much as possible
  • Goalies: Goalies are to attend both the Goalie and Skater sessions  
  • Please remove all name tags, Summer Hockey, AAA and/or Invite team stickers from helmets. Saber Hockey logo stickers are fine.
  • Black Helmet - Helmets must be black but can have Saber color accents (red, white, or gray). Goalie helmets may be any color.
  • Black Breezers - No stripes or accents (solid black). If you need to purchase a black breezer pant shell, please check hockey retail stores.
  • Black Gloves - Gloves must be black but can have Saber color accents (red, white, or gray). i.e. No all-red gloves.
  • Black, white or grey hockey socks. No AAA, Elite, school, or summer team socks. Previous season's SYHA socks are ok
  • All players will be issued a reversible tryout pinnie with a number. We ask that all players bring a solid color Red and solid color White practice jersey to tryouts.  A logo on the front and numbers on the back are okay as they will be covered by the tryout pinnie. No jerseys with numbers on the sleeve or names on the back or multicolored team jerseys will be allowed so please plan accordingly.  Jerseys with a last name will not be allowed
  • If you are a returning travel player, please also bring your reversible red/white practice jersey from last year
  • Parents of players who need their skates tied: please wait in the lobby bench outside the doors of rink 1 and wait for your player to come out of the locker room to you. You will not be allowed to enter the locker room. Once skates are tied, your player should return to the locker room and you must leave the rink. Reminder – No dads are allowed in the locker rooms with female players and no moms are allowed in the locker room with male players. Please wait in the lobby for your player.
  • Cell phones: Cell phones are not allowed at tryouts. Please keep them at home 
  • Parents are not allowed to watch tryouts and must leave the rink before the session begins
  • Please check the tryout schedule every day.  There can/will be player movement between the groups throughout the week. Each day, groups will be assigned and listed by pinnie number on the SYHA website on the tryout page. Please have your child make a note of their pinnie number to ensure that they know which group to attend. Also, your player may be asked to switch their pinnie color. Again, nothing needs to be, or should be, read into this.
  • At times, players may be asked to leave the ice during the tryouts (typically the last scrimmage session) This is done to allow players “on the bubble” between teams more opportunity for evaluation
  • Locker Room Monitors will be present and will assist the players should they need anything during their tryout session 
  • Teams will be posted within 48 hours of the last day of tryouts  Rosters listing both players and coaches will be posted on
  • SYHA uses a mix of non-parent coaches and independent, third-party evaluators to conduct evaluations.  More information on how tryouts are conducted can be found here in the tryout policy

2023-2024 Tryout/Evaluation Policy (All Levels)